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    As the Drone Industry Soars, Educational Institutions Prepare the Next Generation of Experts

    ByPiotr Kruszczyński

    lis 17, 2023
    As the Drone Industry Soars, Educational Institutions Prepare the Next Generation of Experts

    As the drone industry continues to experience exponential growth, educational institutions in the United States are taking advantage of the opportunity to meet the demand for qualified professionals. One such institution at the forefront of this movement is Warren County Community College (WCCC), which has been offering comprehensive training programs for aspiring drone pilots and technicians.

    Under the guidance of President Will Austin, who also serves as Chief Pilot for Warren UAS, WCCC established its Unmanned Systems Program in 2018. Since its inception, the program has expanded to incorporate a wide range of courses, including data collection and analysis, maintenance and repair, as well as drone building and programming. Recognizing the changing landscape of the drone industry, particularly in advanced air mobility and artificial intelligence, President Austin and his team are dedicated to enhancing the pilot training program at WCCC. They emphasize the importance of focusing on areas such as robotic development, programming, and voice recognition to align with the industry’s integration with artificial intelligence.

    WCCC is not the only educational institution striving to meet the growing educational needs of the drone industry. Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado, now offers associate degrees in drone operations and engineering. Through a collaboration between the Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter and the US Department of Agriculture, high school students in Louisiana can receive Part 107 certification training and learn how to use drones in agriculture. Additionally, Virginia Tech has introduced a program that grants students a certificate in geospatial data analysis, expanding career opportunities in national security and intelligence.

    Acknowledging the significance of preparing students for careers in the drone industry, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected Clemson University and the University of California Santa Cruz to take part in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Collegiate Training Initiative program (UAS-CTI). This initiative connects educational institutions with private businesses and government agencies, allowing them to address labor needs related to drones and promote industry best practices.

    Educational institutions of all levels, from community colleges to universities, are rising to the occasion and equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic and promising field of drones.


    1. Czym jest Warren County Community College (WCCC)?

    Warren County Community College to instytucja edukacyjna, która oferuje kompleksowe programy szkoleniowe dla aspirujących pilotów dronów i techników.

    2. Czym jest Program Systemów Bezzałogowych na WCCC?

    Program Systemów Bezzałogowych na WCCC to program, który został utworzony w 2018 roku i oferuje kursy z zakresu zbierania i analizowania danych, konserwacji i naprawy, budowy i programowania dronów.

    3. W jakich obszarach WCCC stara się ulepszyć program szkolenia pilotów?

    WCCC stara się udoskonalić program szkolenia pilotów, aby sprostać zapotrzebowaniu na wykwalifikowanych pilotów w sektorze zaawansowanej mobilności powietrznej. Betonizowane jest także zapotrzebowanie na robotykę, programowanie i rozpoznawanie mowy, w miarę jak branża staje się bardziej zintegrowana z sztuczną inteligencją.

    4. Czy istnieją inne instytucje oferujące edukację związaną z dronami?

    Tak, instytucje takie jak Aims Community College, LSU AgCenter i Virginia Tech również oferują programy edukacyjne i certyfikaty związane z dronami.

    5. Czym jest program Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Collegiate Training Initiative (UAS-CTI)?

    Program UAS-CTI to inicjatywa Federalnej Administracji Lotnictwa (FAA), która łączy instytucje edukacyjne z prywatnymi firmami i agencjami rządowymi, aby odpowiedzieć na zapotrzebowanie na pracę związaną z dronami i promować najlepsze praktyki w branży.


    – Unmanned Systems Program (Program Systemów Bezzałogowych): program offered by Warren County Community College that provides training in various aspects of drones, including data collection, maintenance, and programming.
    – Advanced Air Mobility (Zaawansowana mobilność powietrzna): emerging field of transportation that includes drones and other autonomous vehicles for transportation purposes.
    – Part 107 certification (Certyfikacja Part 107): certification required by the FAA for commercial drone pilots to operate drones in the United States.
    – Geospatial data analysis (Analiza danych przestrzennych): analysis of geographic data and information using software and technology to understand spatial relationships and patterns.

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